ya cute! bunny embroidery patch

Did anyone used to eat bunny shaped bread or bunny shaped cut apples? Paired with the popular nostalgic drink Yakult, here is another cute embroidery patch ready to brighten up where ever you choose to stick it on!


♡ A 2.4"x1.4" (6cm x 3.5cm) embroidery patch with a peelable sticker backing

♡ Packaged in a cute backing card which you can reuse as a bookmark, display card, decoration etc.

♡ Perfect to stick onto your clothing, bag, journal etc.!


Alternative Ironing Option:


If you would like the embroidery patch to stick more permenantly onto your items of clothing or bag, you may also use an iron but please practice caution when using a hot iron!! I would advise to not use an extremely high temperature, and keep pressing on for a longer period of time to ensure the patch will stick on properly. You can also use a cloth/fabric to place between your iron and the patch to prevent any damage to your clothing!

ya cute! bunny embroidery patch

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HK$35.00Sale Price