jimu sesame buns embroidery patch

A new member of Gu and Bu's bread family is JiMu! A black and white sesame duo bringing double the roundness and  cuteness.


♡ A 2.4"x1.4" (6cm x 3.5cm) embroidery patch with a peelable sticker backing

♡ Packaged in a cute backing card which you can reuse as a bookmark, display card, decoration etc.

♡ Perfect to stick onto your clothing, bag, journal etc.!


Alternative Ironing Option:


If you would like the embroidery patch to stick more permenantly onto your items of clothing or bag, you may also use an iron but please practice caution when using a hot iron!! I would advise to not use an extremely high temperature, and keep pressing on for a longer period of time to ensure the patch will stick on properly. You can also use a cloth/fabric to place between your iron and the patch to prevent any damage to your clothing!

jimu sesame buns embroidery patch

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