Gu's Bakery Sticker Pack

As we all know, Gu prides over his unconditional love for bread and pastries. Today Gu has a selection of 9 freshly baked goodies for you and he hopes you will find them all very yummy and come back for more!!


On today's Menu we have:
1 Gu Mochi Donut, 1 Mu Swissroll, 1 Gu Fruit Sando, 1 Gu Sakura Donut, 1 Gu's Fluffy pancakes, 1 Gua Bao (pork belly bun), 1 Gu Egg Waffle, 1 Mochi Pack, and 1 Bread Loaf.


♡ A sticker pack with 9 individual stickers

♡ Individual stickers are around 1.5 - 2" (3.5cm - 5cm) in size

♡ Durable waterproof matte lamination

♡ Perfect for smooth surfaces such as laptops, phone/tablet cases, water bottles, notebooks, birthday cards/post cards

Gu's Bakery Sticker Pack

HK$60.00 Regular Price
HK$40.00Sale Price