gu and bu's care package

The past year has been a tumultous one and we all need a little bit of extra love and care. As we enter 2021 with brighter hopes, this Gu and Bu care package is a perfect gift for your loved ones or a reminder for yourself to stay safe, love and treat yourself. 


♡ A sticker pack with 8 individual stickers

♡ Individual stickers are around 1.5" (4cm) in size

♡ Backing card doubles up as a note card if you wish to gift this to someone or even write a little reminder for yourself

♡ Durable waterproof matte lamination

♡ Perfect for smooth surfaces such as laptops, phone/tablet cases, water bottles, notebooks, birthday cards/post cards

gu and bu's care package

HK$55.00 Regular Price
HK$35.00Sale Price