bibble poke enamel pin

Bu and Bibble have come together with the cutest enamel pin designs to celebrate Pokémon's 25th Anniversary this year! This is Bibble's Poké pin! 


(Pssst - you can buy the set of 2 for a cheaper price if you click on the set option!)


♡ A 1.5" (4cm) Hard Enamel Pin with gold plating

♡ 2 black rubber clutches at the back

♡ Packaged carefully onto a glossy laminated backing card

♡ Perfect to pin onto your tote bags, ita bag, jackets or even as a collection etc.


Pin Grading:

Enamel pins are all hand coloured and plated so some imperfections are inevitable. Not all pins are perfect and even A grade pins may have very minor imperfections! But you can choose which quality you would prefer to buy:


A Grade

- These pins are what I deem to be in the best condition possible and the highest quality possible, both colour and plating.


B Grade

- These pins are what I deem to have a few minor flaws with a few scratches or colouring faults that are not drastically noticeable.

bibble poke enamel pin

HK$75.00 Regular Price
HK$50.00Sale Price