daily sticker pack

valentine's day special sticker pack






how to obtain the stickers!

for whatsapp, telegram, signal and line users

1. for whatsapp users, go to your app store and download the application 'wstick'. this app is free! for telegram, signal and line users, you do not need to download this app. line users may skip straight to 5.

2. click here to view the sticker packs on my stickerscloud profile. I would highly appreciate if you could also give the packs a 'thumbs up' so more people can see it! thank you!

3. Once you click into the pack, you will be presented with the option to add it onto whatsapp, telegram or signal at the bottom of the page

4. after you click 'add to whatsapp' you will be brought to the wstick app where the sticker packs have automatically been imported inside. when you click into the individual sticker pack, you have the option to import it into whatsapp!


5. for telegram and signal, you will be brought directly from stickerscloud to the respective app on your phone and asked to install the stickers.

if you cannot see the button to install the stickers onto signal please click here for the valentine's day pack and here for the daily pack.

5. for line, click here to access my stickers on the line store. these are paid stickers. after payment,  the stickers will automatically be installed into your line chat app!


* please note that the line sticker packs are missing a few from the whatsapp, telegram and signal pack due to the restriction in quantity of stickers in line.

thank you so much for your support! if you like these stickers please feel free to share this with your friends and family! i hope my little gu & bu can spread smiles all over the world!

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