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welcome to gu and bu's little bread family. they may all look like little bears, bunnies or doggos but they're actually made up of 100% asian bread. they like to seek adventure and is always on the hunt for more fun, food and friends.


he is the main bread leader of the gang! he is a fried mantou (chinese bread) who always keeps his red bag full of more bread because he tends to get hungry very easily. he is the world's happiest mantou and will be your best travelling companion.


he is gu's trusty companion and a steamed mantou. his blue flower on his head helps him balance and fly. he is a smart and stick-by-the-rules kinda guy and always ready to clean up after gu and his clumsiness. despite his worrywart nature, he is a real softie at heart.

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churro cute cartoon character vivian wong art gu and bu
jimu ji mu cute cartoon character sesame buns vivian wong art


she is a sassy but very adorable steamed mantou who is currently the gal pal of bu. the sakura flower on her head and her strawberry pink blush on her cheeks makes all the bois fall in love with her.


a black sesame and white sesame bun duo that rarely leaves each other. they are often seen in a stack formation and on the off chance you see them separately, they're probably in a fight.


churro often experiences an identity crisis. he has the name of a fried sweet dough, looks more like a doggo but is actually a sausage bread. he is a very timid one.

and many more bread friends coming soon...